super out of it all the time




even restaurant cookbooks from the 80s are really boring

it must have been a terrible time to eat food

cookbooks definitely earmarked for saving

  • food and wine collections
  • food network ones
  • mr boston’s
  • the old betty crocker book I found from before hawaii was a state that’s full of rad art-deco illustrations and a lot of recipes that are like “for the mashed potatoes use a box of betty crocker instant mashed potatoes”

books to be reviewed before final decision

  • the baking ones

I mean I assume that must have been the situation because jesus are these boring

man I sure accumulated a lot of worthless second-hand cookbooks from the 70s and 80s

a time period where I guess ethnic food was still exotic and largely unheard of and so you could get away with putting out really bland and boring mexican cookbooks





gavial by .martin on Flickr.