super out of it all the time
The irony of wasting time complaining about people complaining about people. I agree though it's kind of stupid to keep being on him this long. Even bad attention is still attention.

trust me it’s not lost on me

but yeah, he doesn’t really do anything entertaining anymore, he actually draws his comic and he ended the whole dramatic storyline and so now it’s just another boring bad gaming comic but there’s still people watching and waiting for him to do something dumb so they can all trip over eachother pointing and yelling LOOK LOOK WHAT HE DID HE’S BAD SEE HERE’S A PHOTOSHOP OF HIS COMIC

I apologize, person who unfollowed me, because I really have just written way too many tim buckley-related words

this is why I don’t drink every night

Your wealth of internet knowledge is really entertaining tbh

I know way too much about the cad mock threads because I used to read them, briefly to actually laugh at buckley but pretty quickly just to snort at the terrible posts

I eventually had to bail around the comic where ethan makes zeke (xbox robot) a human disguise and it’s a black guy but the mouth doesn’t move so he can’t talk and lucas (The Friend) makes a joke about a quiet black guy in a movie theater drawing more attention than a robot

which, to be clear, is a bad racist joke which he later changed but probably one borne more out of ignorance than malice

anyway around then I was visiting friends in portland and I was away from the forums for a couple days and suddenly there were a thousand new posts in the thread and I was just not prepared to wade through all those photoshops of tim buckley as a member of the ku klux klan because that’s the kind of thread it was

once he addressed something on the forums via iphone because he was at a wedding and for months it became a thread injoke to end posts with SENT FROM MY IPHONE because haha he’s clearly just showing off the fact that he has an iphone they don’t automatically tack that onto some messages or anything

I said on a regular basis because I’m not going to pretend I’m above getting together to have a laugh at the cad animated series once in a while but there are people thinking about cad and how much they hate it like, daily and nobody should be spending that much time thinking about it

basically tim buckley is a gross dude and his comic is bad but the people who continue making fun of him on a regular basis like 5+ years after loss.jpg are just unhealthily obsessed and frequently equally gross/worse in their own ways

also “bum tickley” is basically “haha what if he had sex with guys, hilarious” joke and come on

didn't buckley send unsolicited dick pics to an underage girl though

okay there’s actually a story there too

so once upon a time buckley possibly did that, he’s definitely a shitty guy so it’s probably true but I wouldn’t know cause I wasn’t there

let me tell you what I DO know about this though

when the story broke buckley deleted the entire forum that it supposedly happened on, which is why nobody can now confirm or deny it 100% although it definitely suggests that he is guilty

now you might remember that there’s that picture of a dick with “jackie” written on the crotch and say “hey, what about the jackie dick pic that it was a huge thing for goons to photoshop into things for a while, surely that proves something”

well, since any actual evidence was gone with the forum some enterprising buckley detractor decided to write jackie on his own crotch and snap a picture for reasons that are beyond me, and somewhere along the line that detail got lost and nobody questions it because why would you I guess, it sounds pretty crazy


the Top Buckley Poster was called webdog and he would regularly do a lot of weird internet detective shit like figuring out how much money buckley probably made in a year, digging up photos of his house, finding his family members on facebook, messaging his fiancee’s sister on facebook to tell her DON’T LET YOUR SISTER MARRY THAT MAN HE MAKES A BAD WEBCOMIC

this is all against the rules of something awful but cad mock thread posters would always argue for leniency because sure it’s creepy and against the rules but it’s just WEBDOG BEIN WEBDOG :awesome: (remember :awesome:)

there’s kind of a happy ending in that eventually webdog would try to start a thread for andrew dobson (in which goons hilariously decided that his inflation fetish and that one comic he drew where the azumanga daioh girls pop meant he wanted to literally murder women with a bicycle pump irl) and when he dug up info on one of dobson’s exes the mods finally stepped in, closed the thread, and banned him from making any more posts about people on the internet

posters in those threads would fairly regularly claim to have dreams about control alt delete or have had to struggle not to burst out laughing while a family member or friend talked about the pain of having gone though a miscarriage, the cad threads got really weird and gross is what I’m saying



The very first Peanuts strip, October 2, 1950


the cad mock threads were really frustrating because like on the one hand people can spend their time and effort on whatever they want but on the other hand there was a pretty talented artist/animator who spent what must have been way too much time on thread-specific things like making comics about “the adventures of birdhair” in which ethan’s hair (which sort of looks like a bird) detaches from his scalp and goes on wacky comic adventures or gifs of lilah miscarrying and then also devouring the fetus in an ouroboros which people bought as forum avatars but haha no see it’s okay that we have this objectively gross thing because you see once upon a time an internet man made this bad comic